About us

Nadia Marian CEO & Founder created her skincare brand in 2017 and opened her first beauty center in the heart of Padua, near Prato della Valle.

After two years his working method was so successful that he opened his second beauty center in Milan.

What has always guided her in her work is her love for the beauty of the face and body. He believes it is important to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Thanks to his skills he transformed his centers into
true spa boutiques in the heart of the cities where it is present, in Prato della Valle in Padua and in Brera in Milan.

Both boutique spas work the same way: the protocols are the same and the talented beauticians who work for them are
trained directly by her.

She creates protocols and cosmetics herself based on the requests of her clients, based on the seasons and the demands of the skin.
Every client is fundamental to her: she is taken by the hand and accompanied to her moment of well-being.

All cosmetics are created based on the needs of customers’ skin. In Ellen you will never find cosmetics created just because a certain ingredient is in fashion, but only
100% customization.

The environment stands out for the calm and atmosphere inside. Every detail is taken care of with great attention.

Nadia’s goal is to make every single woman and man who enters her boutiques feel good, but take care with
great passion for the online world, always making a person available for the beauty experience from home.