There’s no getting around it: what measures the effectiveness of a product is the result you get. So why doesn’t the same product give the same results for everyone?

This is why I devised this moment of consulting, because none of us have specific needs and to get the result we want we need to understand what our skin needs. Every Thursday I will guide you for 45 minutes of counseling to discover your skin. Through this private consultation, your skin type will be analysed, the goals to be achieved will be established and a budget suitable for your needs will also be set. After an accurate skin history, I will recommend the most suitable products for you and which will help you achieve your goals. At the end of the consultation, an email will follow with the shopping list of products to buy with some advice on how to use them.


The consultancy can be booked on Thursday from 11:00 to 19:30: select the day and time in which you want to carry out the consultancy below, you will receive a Google Meet link via email which you will need to connect to at the time of appointment.


The cost of the consultation is €39, payment can be made via a link that we will send you after you have made your reservation.