Kit of 3 detoxifying Lightness bandages


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3 detoxifying Lightness bandages at a super discounted price!

Bandages with a detoxifying action, ideal for reactivating skin microcirculation, eliminating toxins and revitalizing the skin. They improve tissue elasticity and skin hydration.

What is inside

The package contains:

  • 3 bende anti cellulite
  • 3 disposable briefs
  • 3 disposable trousers

How to use

  1. Scrub before applying the bandages to prepare the skin and allow the treatment to work deeply
  2. Wrap the legs starting from one ankle and proceed in a spiral up the leg, also wrapping around the abdomen (if you are interested in treating this area) and descending towards the other ankle. Be careful not to leave any areas of skin exposed.
  3. Drink 4 glasses of water and leave the bandages on for 60 minutes.
  4. Remove the bandages and massage the skin to absorb the remaining product. Attention: the bandages are not reusable.

For the first month it is recommended to use it twice a week, then once a week.


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lightness detox bandages kit

Kit of 3 detoxifying Lightness bandages


In stock